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Etienne has been involved in the sales and service industry for a long time since before his real estate career. As a young man he opened up a video store back when they were still the lay of the land for people to get their home entertainment. He ran that for a number of years making relationships with his clientele that last to this day 20+ years later.

It was a great experience that taught him the importance of solving their (WIFM)…what’s in it for them.

That as they say is a transferable skill that he has taken with him into other career (such as design, health and wellness, sales etc.) options meeting thousands of people from all walks of life and finally landed him in this permanent stage of life that includes his current real estate endeavor.

Having had those experiences and bought and sold property etc. prompted his then current agent to suggest that Etienne should become an agent as well because he had all of the tools to be an agent that people could trust and count on and have for the last 10 years.

Being a parent of two boys growing into young men and spending everyday with them helping them to navigate this world has kept Etienne to be very aware of the ripples of consequences of his actions.

Be kind to others because they are always watching and listening. Keeping that personal moral code of ethic as his North Star has served him well with his friends, family and clients.


Contact Etienne by email at or call 647-898-5900.


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